We need Prayer like we need AIR... It is VITAL!



1. Personal:  Forgiveness, repentance, thanksgiving, confession, 

2. Global Church: Ministers, staff, uplift, unity, motivate, truth & reconciliation, 

3. Local Community: Prosperity, trade,  employment, neighborhoods, arts, trade, education, innovation,

4. Government/Leadership:  Integrity, responsibility, unity, accountability, restoration, renewal 

 5. Health/Education: Spiritual, emotional, physical, mental

 6. Physical Protection: Terrorism, public welfare

7. Spiritual Deliverance:  

Delegate the prayer list to your prayer coordinator or intercessory prayer group

Begin the week with corporate prayer and have the prayer groups complete the rest of the days. 

Separate the list by natural and spiritual

concerns and assign two separate groups to pray over each

If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap. Psalms 127:1 (The Message) 



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We need prayer like we need AIR. It is VITAL!


7:14 Prayer - Seek God's Face with repentance & humility...2 Chronicles 7:14

Set the alarm on your devices, watches and/or clocks for 7:14. Praying twice a day at this time.  Pastor Joey Steelman, Lakeview Asembly

Pray over the City as you drive down the street. You don't have to wait to get on your knees to talk to God about the state of our City...

Sherrie Gray, Quail Lakes Baptist Church

Organize a Prayer Walk and invite members of other churches within the faith community to join you...